Editing Content

Creating New Entries

Channel and Structure entries can be created from the Entries page by clicking on the "+ New Entry" button in the top-right. If you’re already within a Channel or Structure section, a new entry of that section type will be created. Alternatively, you may use the downward caret to the right of the "+ New Entry" button to select the type of entry you will be creating.

By selecting the new entry’s section, you’ll be taken to the Create Entry page.

Populating Fields

There are several different field types within Craft. Some fields are used for content entry, whereas others may be used to determine the layout of the page.

If a field is required for a particular entry type, you must enter something into the field before you may publish the entry. If a required field is not filled out during publishing, it will be highlighted in red and an error message will indicate what is missing.

To get an idea as to how a page is starting to look as you begin to enter content into it, you may use the Live Preview feature in Craft. Live Preview updates as you type, helping you make layout and design decisions as your content is being created.

Some entry types may appear in multiple places within your website. For example, a News article may live on its own page, on a news collection page, and in a "Related Article" secton on other pages. To view how an entry is displayed on multiple pages, use the dropdown found above the preview area to switch Live Preview’s preview URL to the other locations.

To exit Live Preview, use the "Close Live Preview" button in the top-left.

Some entry types allow for your content to be built in a modular fashion. Content blocks allow for multiple blocks of similar components—that can be mixed and matched—so you can create unique layouts for the type of content you are presenting to your audience.