Changing your navigation

Setting up the Navigation of your site.

There are two sources of high level navigation on a Kurious Digital Site. The Main navigation and Footer Navigation. These sections represent the entries listed in the menus at the top and bottom of every page of a KD site.

To change the arrangement or add/remove items from one of these menus (in this example: the Main Navigation) navigate to the entries section of the control panel and select 'Main'. Entries can have their order or level changed. To change the order of entries move the mouse to the crosshairs icon on an entry and click and drag to the new position. This motion is repeated to change the level of an entry but the entry is clicked and dragged under an existing entry.

To delete entries, highlight the checkbox and select delete from the list dropdown.

Nested Entries

As discussed above, the first step to create a parent-child relationship with entries is to position the child entry under the parent entry in the list. There are some important considerations to make following this however. If the sole purpose of the parent page is to list child pages then setting the parent entry type to "section" is the best option. Then in the listing options select the source as "entry" and choose the the parent page as the source. If the parent page will have content as well as directing visitors to child pages then it is best to use the entry type of "content" and then add a listing cards module with the same listing settings as above. As of KD 3.5 links to child pages are listed on a parent page under the main site header, it may be preferable to the listing cards if there is content that would justify the more graphical card display.